Viacirka Standard Schnauzers

Our breeding started in 1995. We usually have a litter pr. year.

We live in a house in the country. Here there is room for our dogs. All of our dogs live in the house.

Quality in our breeding is our the toppriority. Our aim is to make healthy, good tempered puppies as close to the FCI Standard as possible. Our puppies are always happy and active.

Our puppies grow up in the kitchen. We try to get the puppies used to humans as soon as possible so that they later can function in a family.
Our puppies have of corurse been sold in Denmark but also in Germany, Belgium, France, USA, South Africa and Sweden.

Some have been sold to other breeders, but most of our puppies have the best task for any dog - to be a good family dog.

All of our puppies have proven to be healthy and active.

For further information:

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Harald & Lotte Pedersen
Orevej 94, Vejringe
4850 Stubbekoebing, Denmark
+45 54 44 24 45/+45 23 23 28 54